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Flexible Seating Solutions

Finding a flexible seating system can be an overwhelming task but we’re here to help you find the best one for your child. There are a few basic questions that you need to ask yourself. Here are four to get you started.

Home: Special needs seating systems at home can be diverse. One type of adaptive equipment that is versatile enough to meet many different applications for special needs seating are the Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitters. These adaptive seating systems comes in 5 sizes and 3 different bases that can be fixed or on wheels. This versatility allows this special needs seating system to be used throughout the home for different purposes.

School: In a school setting, mobile seating systems offer the ability to keep a child positioned in their seating system, but still move them around the classroom to different stations as well as move them around the school. This cuts down on the need for multiple seating systems saving the school money. It also allows the child to spend more time learning and interacting with others. The Soft Touch Sitters can be used on Mobile Bases or on Special Tomato Pushchairs allowing a child to use them indoors or on school trips outdoors.

Around the Town: Special needs portable seating solutions are a great option for children who need some support to sit up, but either don’t require a wheelchair or, the wheelchair is too bulky or unsuitable to access where you want to go. The Special Tomato Sitter (and Special Tomato 2-Piece Liners) are designed to give pelvic, and trunk support, for those with mild positioning needs. Another part of their design is that they are created to be portable and versatile to attach to a variety of standard chairs, bases or pushchairs.

The Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitters are an adaptive seating system that provides support in a variety of sitting positions. The Soft-Touch Sitters come in four different variations:

  1. Sitter Only
  2. Sitter with Floor Wedge (Sizes 1 – 3 Only)
  3. Sitter with Stationary Base
  4. Sitter with Mobile Base

All of the Sitters come with Attachment Straps as a standard feature. This allows you to securely attach the Sitters to a stable dining chair, classroom chair, Special Tomato Pushchair or any of the Special Tomato Bases: Floor Wedge, Stationary Base or Mobile Base.

Getting Around: When it comes to special needs equipment, mobility is of paramount importance. The ability to move freely is essential for child and carer, providing children with solutions for interacting and engaging like never before. Using a mobile special needs seat means a child can easily be rolled from one room to another for mealtime, playtime, bath time and beyond, providing your child with extra freedom of movement. 

Getting the Right Size: It is always important to order a special needs seating system to fit your child now. However, you also want to make sure that there will be years of growth available in the adaptive seating system that you purchase. Most special needs seating systems have plenty of growth built into them. Your child’s most important measurements for fitting a special needs seating system are:

  • Hip Width – corresponds with width of the stander
  • Chest Width – corresponds with width of the stander
  • Shoulder Width – corresponds with width of the stander
  • Seat to Top of Head – corresponds with height of the seat back
  • Seat to Top of Shoulders– corresponds with height of the seat back
  • Thigh Depth – corresponds to the seat depth
  • Foot to Back of Knee – corresponds to the footrest to seat height
  • Weight – corresponds with the maximum weight capacity of the stander

The Sitter with Floor Wedge allows for your child to be fully supported while on the floor. This level of seating is great for interaction between children with special needs and peers that are playing on the floor. The Stationary Base allows children to be close to the floor without caregivers having to transfer them all the way down to the floor. The Stationary Base is equipped with furniture glides to protect your floors. The Mobile Base is the same as the Stationary Base, with the addition of wheels to allow you to move your child around the room or from room to room. Whether it’s circle time at school, playing with friends and siblings at home, eating with the family at the dinner table or “chilling out” with the rest of the family at home, the Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitters provide exactly the flexible and adaptive seating support that you and your child needs.

The Special Tomato Sitters are intended for children with mild to moderate positioning needs. The special needs Soft-Touch products are made from Special Tomato’s soft to the touch material that has anti-microbial properties, is impermeable to fluids, as well as latex-free and peel- and tear-resistant.

Standard Features Include:

  • Attachment Straps for different Sitter Bases, other standard chairs and strollers
  • Soft contoured seat with anti-thrust seating surface
  • Built-in abductor
  • Contoured head and lateral supports
  • Adjustable 8-point positioning harness that is removable for cleaning
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Is this Product Right for You?

  • Support for the head back and pelvis is needed in a seated position
  • Supported sitting is a goal for your child
  • Be sure to check Seat Depth, Seat Width & Seat to Top of Head Height to find the right size
  • Questions? Our experienced parents are here to help – Call 01670 458624

Our experienced staff can help you with a proper fit… simply call us on 01670 458624 for advice and support.