Houdini Stop Chest Strap


No more great escapes!! The Houdini Stop is a chest clip that fits onto most car seat and pushchair harnessess to help prevent children from removing their arms and ‘escaping’ from their harness. Its helps keep them within their harnesses correctly by safely securing the two straps together, making it difficult to escape!


The Houdini Stop chest strap ensures the passenger stays safely and correctly positioned within their harness.  Once the Houdini Stop chest strap is in place, it should stay there. The passenger cannot easily move it up or down.

It simply clips on to each shoulder strap of the harness neatly positioned (underneath the adjusters on our harnesses) to help prevent the passenger from separating the shoulder straps in order to escape.  Now your little Houdini can’t slip his or her arms and shoulders out of the harness straps and climb out of their seat.

It is universal and can be used on many types of harnesses, from child car seats (if approved by the car seat manufacture), H Harnesses, highchairs, and even pushchairs or strollers.  The Houdini Stop can be fitted around the shoulder straps of pushchair standard harnesses to hold them together and help prevent them from slipping off the shoulders. This can make all the difference to the success of some harnesses. In particular, where there can be some tendency for the more active passenger to try and remove the straps from off their shoulders in order to “escape”.

The Houdini Stop is a very useful training product for the stage where your child does not understand the importance of staying inside their harnessing. It suits younger age ranges, as an older or determined child may be able to undo this strap.

Use with Car Seats

The Houdini Stop has been officially crash tested to the AS/NZ 1754 Standard by Autoliv Australia and independently reviewed by ACRI in Australia. This revolutionary car seat chest clip has been proven not to interfere with the existing car seat harnessing in anyway and does not ride up and cause a choking hazard in a simulated accident situation.

If you are intending to use this strap on a child car seat we would strongly advise that you check with the car seat manufacturer first to seek their approvals there can be differences in regulations between EC and other countries. NB: Britax have not approved the use of the Houdini Stop for use with their child car seats.

Chest straps must never be used with chest padded walking harnesses as the strap would be positioned too close to the neck area.


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