iGo Twin Bike Trailer (2-9 years)


NEW! With the Weehoo® Two Bike Trailer you can bring two children along for the ride, so that’s double the laughter and double the fun for everyone! This model opens up biking options for bigger or older kids who like to be active and involved in family bike rides or going off road mountain biking! Ideal for your disabled child to be actively involved in cycling. The front passenger pedals and the rear passenger has their feet secured to a comfortable foot rest and sits back for the ride!


NEW! Experience engaging, active adventures with the Weehoo Two bicycle trailer. With the iGo Twin bike trailer, the front passenger pedals along, making effortless adventures, while the rear passenger enjoys the ride. Ideal for your disabled child to be actively involved in cycling and get out to explore, also suitable for two children with special needs, the larger child at the front.

Safe, engaging, and fun, the iGo Two bike trailers are the new benchmark in bicycle trailers. The balanced, streamlined design of the double seated trailer gives you the ability to share your style of riding with your children. Explore your world on exciting new adventures and experience quality time on command with a Weehoo two bike trailer. Safety flag is included, although not pictured.

The Weehoo® TWO™ bike trailer offers the front passenger the opportunity to pedal or to simply relax and enjoy the ride.  The rear seat is for smaller passengers to enjoy the adventure without pedaling.  Kids stay engaged and active the entire ride, creating amazing quality time for your family.  Ton’s of storage in the seat and over the rear wheel keeps you stocked up on supplies while you’re exploring.  Patented hitch allows easy installation and removal of the Weehoo® bike trailer when you switch between solo and family bike rides.

Weehoo iGo Two Trailer Features 

  • A safe, comfortable ride for kids, but they can also help out by adding their own pedal power!
  • Single wheel trailer is narrower so travelling on roads is safer, and biking on trails is better.
  • Kids aged 2-9 will fit comfortably, thanks to easy adjust seating. Maximum weight limit for the individual seat is set at 65 lbs, with a combined weight max of 100 lbs.
  • Seats with backs, arm rests and easy grip handles safer for disabled children
  • The pedal system allows your kids to get a little bit of exercise without hampering their safety
  • The trailer is sturdy enough to handle all kinds of conditions, town and country cycling, mountain biking and nature trails, you’re free to go wherever the mood takes you and your family!

Weehoo iGo Two Trailer Specifications

  • Passengers 1 or 2
  • Age range: 2-9 years
  • Load Capacity : 80lbs / 36kg
  • Cargo Storage: 19 litres
  • Trailer Weight: 35lbs/ 16kg
  • Dimensions: 51 x 7 x 26 inches; 28.7 pounds
  • Washable Fabric Seats (By Hand)

The alloy seats are mounted onto a lightweight steel frame, which means the extra weight is not going to be that big a factor when you are pedalling. The tyre on the 20-inch wheel is puncture resistant, with the whole set-up secured to the frame using a common 15mm axle nut. This makes for easy removal for storage or when repairs are required.

It’s a modular set-up that allows for the removal of the second seat so that a cargo basket can be added. Perfect for when one of your kids outgrows the trailer, or for when you want to haul a little extra cargo. The recumbent-style seats are so comfy, children often get tired when riding for long distances, and they can rest easier when sitting down as opposed to a saddle-style bike seat and handlebars.

Perhaps best of all, your little ones can add their own pedal power, since the wheel is linked to the iGo’s crank-set. You don’t have to worry about them getting their clothing or digits caught in the chain, as it fully enclosed. The trailer is incredibly easy to attach or detach, so you won’t waste a bunch of time fiddling around, which means more fun times on the nature trails!

Optional Accessories:-

  • All Weather Canopy £99 per seat
  • Double Pannier £20



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