Independence Maxx All-Terrain Special Needs Buggy


The Advance Mobility Independence Extended model is ideal for taller, slimmer children from around 5 years old to early teens, to a max of around 5′ tall and up to 7 stone (45kg). If your child has outgrown their nursery stroller and you’re looking for a larger pushchair, this could be for you. Suitable for mild to moderate special needs, whether it be a physical disability and they can’t walk far or challenging behaviour and need to be kept safe.  This all-access, ‘non-medical’  buggy is ideal for country walks, beaches, woodlands and, of course, around town too.  Our pre-loved pushchairs offer good value for money and are all tested and cleaned. We can also help you access charity funding.



The Advance Mobility Independence Maxx (Extended) Pushchair is designed for use by tall and slim children who may have a physical disability or behavioural disability, aged from around 5 years old to around 12 years old, depending on their size. The buggy has a maximum weight capacity of 45kg (7 Stone) and max passenger height of approx. 155cm. This all-terrain pushchair is intended for use outdoors, and has larger  air-filled tyres and a fixed front wheel for extra stability across rougher ground. The higher seat base make it ideal for taller children who have outgrown a standard nursery pushchair.

The Extended model has a higher seat back and longer footwell as well as a roll bar. The extended footwell adds 5″ (12.5cm) to the lower leg length, making this 50cm rather than the standard 38cm.  An extended raincover is also included as this needs to be longer to cover the extended footwell.

Package includes:-

  • Independence Pushchair (reconditioned)
  • Extended Footwell (new)
  • Extended Rain Cover (new)
  • High Back Extension (new)
  • Cushioned Roll Bar (new)

The roll bar provides some support for the leg and calf areas improving comfort and posture. The Roll Cushion can be especially helpful for an occupant who is unable to maintain their seated position and who, in a tilted seat on bumpy ground, may slide down the seat. The Roll Cushion velcro’s securely onto the seat, at the front of the seat is a half round foam cushion which lifts the back of the knee, creating a cavity in the base of the seat. A second separate half round cushion fits between the seat and the footwell to support the calves. It can be positioned to provide a small extension to the seat depth for an occupant with a longer upper leg.

The larger, strong yet lightweight frame, taller ‘hammock style’ padded seat, which can be reclined, adjustable 5-point harness and longer seat to footplate distance all accommodate a longer, heavier child with mild to moderate needs. For children who need postural support, you may wish to look at other models we have where this can be incorporated using postural support inserts.

The Independence is designed for the active, outdoor or sport-loving family and is a great off-roader, allowing you to access the places a wheelchair isn’t suitable. Anywhere, any time, whether it be to a country park, woodlands or beaches, or why not try your hand at doing a charity fun run or marathon. The Advance Mobility Independence (Extended) model has a fixed front wheel for extra stability across rougher terrain, although it can be used around town too.

  • Weight Capacity: 45kg (7 Stone/100lbs)
  • Suitable for max passenger height: 155cm
  • Seat Back Height: 65cm (into canopy 70cm)
  • Seat Width: 38cm
  • Seat Depth: 38cm (roll bar can add extra depth)
  • Footrest Length: 50.5cm (Extended Footplate)
  • Seat Angle Recline: 138 degrees
  • Assembled: L140cm x W70cm x H110cm

The ages given are for guidance only using average age to weight/height statistics – a taller/larger child may out grow it before teenage years and it may last much longer for a smaller child. Please use the weight and measurements information to talk to your child’s occupational health therapist for additional guidance or call us for advice. Please call/email if you have any questions or would like a measurement form.

Re-conditioned pushchairs have been pre-loved by another family with a disabled child and are in good condition. They may vary, however an extended model will have at least and extended footwell, they may also have the roll cushion and an extended rain cover. There is no warranty on these pushchairs.

We are very low on stock and they always go quickly, so if you are interested please call us today on our Helpline: 01670 458624 and we’ll be happy to help you. Images show the general look of the pushchair, if one is allocated to you then we would send you the pictures of your individual pushchair to ensure you are happy with it. Images shown on this listing are for illustrative purposes only.

VAT EXEMPTION: Products for the personal use of a child with a disability are eligible for VAT Relief specifically because of their special needs. The price of this pushchair DOES NOT include VAT.

FUNDING / FURTHER INFORMATION – If you require a quote to apply for funding through the NHS or a Charity, please let us know and we  will be more than happy to provide this. If you would like to talk to us about your needs, please call us and we can advise on the mobility options we offer.

HELPLINE: 01670 458624








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