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The brand new 3-wheeled all-terrain Joggster Sport Buggy is ideal for sport-loving parents and kids! We’ve added this to our range for younger children with special needs as we feel it offers something different for parents and with its roomy seat and fantastic weight capacity, it’s perfect for children who have outgrown a standard sized pushchair. The new Joggster Sport pushchair looks so sporty and agile, and check out the Glow in the Dark fabric…there’s no doubting, this is a super-cool looking buggy!

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We LOVE the new Joggster Sport, which is a 3-wheeled all-terrain buggy for sports-loving parents! We’ve added this to our range for  younger children with special needs as we feel it offers something new for parents too – it has a roomy seat and a fantastic weight capacity for children who have outgrown a standard sized pushchair PLUS this buggy can be used for running, so great for assisted athletes who want to take on a challenge whether it be a marathon or just a fun-run!

For most standard buggies, the increased weight of a growing child is a limiting factor, but not so for the superior build quality of the Joggster Sport Buggy as it’s spacious seat has an extra large weight capacity of 34kg (5 Stone).  We recommend the age limit is from 6 months to a maximum age limit of around 5 years old, however as every child is different, please check the seat measurements. If you have a very young child then the frame can be fitted with a Mono Combination Carrycot/Seat Unit which can be used from birth and gives you a parent facing option. PLEASE NOTE: this pushchair comes as standard with a FIXED front wheel. Swivel wheels are available as an add-on extra.

NEW! Glow in the Dark Fabric – the standard grey has reflective tapes but if you want to look super-cool and be seen in the dark, you can now get a  whole canopy with “glow in the dark” material that is beautifully reflective as night draws in and looks black-blue in daylight.


Main Seat Width: 34cm
Main Seat Depth: 25cm
Knee to Footplate: 24cm
High Backrest: 55cm (+5cm Canopy)
Total load (weight capacity): 34 kg

Passenger Height Approx: 105cm


Ideal for children with mild to moderate needs, whether it be a physical disability, behavioural condition, neuro developmental or brain disorder like Autism (ASD/ADHD) or a life-limiting condition that makes it difficult to walk and get outdoors. This all-terrain buggy allows children to access places where a smaller pushchair or wheelchair just can’t go like nature trails, country parks and woodlands, even the beach! This all-access pushchair can really help you to get out with your child, helping them to pursue a more active and inclusive lifestyle, improving the quality of life for the whole family.
This pushchair can be used for everyday walking about town or if you want to go further afield and explore the countryside, however it also has features that make it perfect for the more sporty parents amongst you. If you like jogging and want to take your child with you, then this sporty version of the Joggster could be for you. The buggy has been approved for speeds up to 15km(9 miles)/hr.

The large 16-inch Schwalbe air-filled tyres have the best running performance and you won’t feel much roll resistance. The Weber disc brakes work very well and stop the buggy very quickly. The new model comes with a frame partly made of carbon which not only adds stability, but it saves weight also. With the optional rotating front wheel, the speedster is even more manoeuverable and comfortable ideal for shopping! The new rims make the JOGGSTER look even more sporty and agile… there’s no doubting, this is a super-cool looking buggy!

The Joggster Sport has a large seating and reclining area with a high back rest. The seat recline is continuously adjustable so you can position your child where they are most comfortable. Your child can lie in a fully flat position in the buggy or in a more upright position. The built-in suspension ensures even more comfort so that your child can have a nap in peace and barely feel the any impact as they are taken out and about. The push bar can be continuously adjusted up to a maximum height of 129 centimeters. This make the Sport also usable even for very tall parents!

Very convenient for transport is the simple folding mechanism. In just a few seconds, you can fold the buggy or open it. Since the folding size is very compact, it’s easy to store at home or transport by car. If you need to travel on public transport it’s not too big to handle. The buggy is approved for a total load of up to 34kg. With the 5-point harness your child is securely strapped in and the phe padded waist bar provides additional safety. A rain cover is included and other optional accessories can be added to the buggy, please see ACCESSORIES for the full range available – you may find the optional swivel wheel a must for around town.

Please note this buggy has not been specifically designed for children with special needs, however it does offer a high degree of comfort and a large seat with higher weight capacity than standard buggies.

The AGES given are for GUIDANCE ONLY using NHS average height and weight statistics – a large child may out grow it before 5 years and it may last longer for a small child. Please use the Key Measurements information and talk to your child’s health advisor for additional guidance.

FUNDING / FURTHER INFORMATION – If you require a QUOTATION to enable you to seek CHARITY OR NHS funding, please contact us and we will be happy to provide this for you. Any questions? Call our Helpline on 01670 458624, we’re here to help you.

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Glow in the Dark, Grey

2 reviews for TFK Joggster Sports Buggy

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Freedom Kids

    Super sports stroller!
    I chose tfk Sport because I enjoy doing sports in my free time and I still like to go jogging and hiking… I was particularly impressed by the good quality and practical handling. Really highly recommended!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Freedom Kids

    Sandra W.
    The fabric is the highlight, it glows in the dark when light falls on it in really cool colors. Great for me when the walk takes a little longer and dawn begins!

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