Special Tomato EIO + Buggypod Perle


The Special Tomato EIO Pushchair is the best of both worlds…a special needs buggy that provides mild to moderate positioning support for an older, disabled child AND a second seat for a sibling – providing an all-in-one solution, making it easier for parents and carers on the go.  If your child has special needs and has outgrown their standard pushchair and you have a little brother or sister in tow, then this specialist ‘non-medical’ looking pushchair, plus innovative rear toddler seat, may be the ‘double buggy’ solution you’ve been looking for!


The Special Tomato EIO Pushchair is the best of both worlds…a special needs buggy that provides mild to moderate positioning support AND a lightweight buggy for your older, disabled child PLUS a 2nd seat for a younger sibling, providing a super ‘double’ buggy solution, making life easier for parents and carers on the go!

The Special Tomato special needs buggy with a 2nd rear seat is an innovative mobility solution which combines a classic pushchair design with the support and functionality required by children with mild to moderate postural needs. Suitable for children from 2 years old up to approx. 8-10 yrs old (max 41kg/6.5 stone), this is a buggy that’s versatile to grow with your child. The Buggypod Perle seat is a great addition for a sturdy toddler who wants to hitch a ride too! Suitable from 12-18m to around 3-4 years (max weight 15kg) this is a practical solution to get out and about with two children.

Key Measurements:
Maximum Seat Weight Capacity: 41kg
Overall length seat (head to toe): 125cm
Overall Passenger Height (into canopy): 133cm
Seat Width 14″ (36cm) / With Pads at Narrowest Point: 9″ (22cm)
Seat Depth: 12″ (31.5cm)
Seat Back Height : 24″ (60cm) plus canopy
Seat to Footwell: 13″ (33cm)
Handle Height to Floor: 76-107 cm

This is a great all-rounder pushchair for most disabled children and particularly ideal for children with Autism who may like to ‘hide away’ or have a safe space as the large canopy can be pulled down and for children with sensory processing needs like light sensitivity, there is an optional sun shade. The padded hip and back laterals that help positioning or can be used to decrease the overall width of the stroller for younger passengers, and can easily be removed as your child grows. The foot block helps younger children whose feet may not yet reach the footrest. The under-seat basket provides plenty of storage, and there are bottle holders on the side of the stroller and a large pocket for keys, cell phones etc on the back of the canopy.

With front swivel wheels, the buggy is a breeze to push and manoeuvre whether inside or out. Engage the swivel wheel lock on the front wheels, just two clicks, and venture on with ease. The large puncture resistant tyres increase stability, giving your child a smoother ride over rougher terrain. The lightweight frame is only 10kg, easy to fold frame and will fit into the boot of most cars. The EIO special needs pushchair from Special Tomato is a mobility buggy unmatched in features and quality for the price.

For disabled children who need a little more positioning, Size 1 and 2 Soft-Touch Liners and Soft-Touch Sitters can be inserted into the Special Tomato EIO pushchair for extra postural support  (see Accessories for these options).

The Buggypod Perle rear seat comes in its own neat, clamshell case which opens up to form the backrest and base of the seat. A buggyboard is also included in this package to which the Perle seat is mounted for use attached to the Special Tomato EIO Pushchair. When out with friends in a cafe or restaurant just clip Buggypod Perle off the wheeled board and attach it to a dining chair for use as a travel highchair so your toddler can join in the fun. This dual function makes it ideal for holiday travel, out and about, or at home.

VAT EXEMPTION: (Price Excludes VAT)

Products for the personal use of a child with a disability are eligible for VAT Relief specifically because of their special needs. FUNDING / FURTHER INFORMATION – If you require a quote to apply for funding through the NHS or Charity, please contact us and we will be more than happy to supply this. If you would like to talk to us about your family needs, please call us and we can advise on the mobility options we offer.


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